Blackberries Serpentine Layering

Serpentine Layering for Blackberry Plants

Serpentine Layering of Blackberry Plants

Serpentine Layering is one of the two ways I propagate my blackberry and raspberry plants. Trailing varieties work best as they are easier to layer in the manner. I take a cane that easily bends down to a pot and I lay it across and bury the center of the cane. As it grows, usually about another week or 2 then I bring it over to another pot and repeat the process. The most I’ve gotten is 7 new plants from a single serpentine layered cane!

Garden Mango

Grow Mango Tree From Store Bought Fruit

Mango tree grown from seed

How I grew a mango tree from the seed of a store bought mango.

First – enjoy the mango fruit then extract the seed from the endocarp.
Now peel the coating and cover with a damp paper towel for a 3-6 weeks until you see it has germinated.

Lightly cover with soil with the roots facing down and the stem facing up. Cover the seedling with a large plastic bag and keep moisture inside as the tree begins to grow. Watch the video above for seed to 4 month progress.