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Get Rid of Aphids Naturally

Each spring to early summer, I usually start to find aphids in the garden and they can quickly turn into an infestation if you don’t catch them early. To get rid of Aphids, I use insecticidal soap that I make at home instead of buying a commercial product. Making it at home is much cheaper…

Blackberry Cuttings Failed and What I Do Instead

I have tried blackberry cuttings several times and have not had any success with them.  I can easily propagate with root cuttings, harvesting the suckers, tip and serpentine layering but cane cuttings has proven difficult.  Note, I have not tried using the rooting hormone for the cuttings so maybe that is why but research says…

Simple Plant Protection from Frost

An inexpensive way to protect your plants from late season frosts or temporary snow using plastic containers.  I take 2-liter bottles and cut the top half to make a mini green house and it has worked well.  Check out the video above.

Should You Grow Blackberries

One of my favorite things to grow in the garden are blackberries.  They are easy to propagate, cold hardy and great to eat and enjoy with family.  See my video below for more details and examples of why I recommend everyone grow blackberries at home!


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