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Composting How To – Trench and Piles

Composting How To – Trench and Piles

Try the direct composting method in your garden with trench composting. After my strawberries have finished producing for the season, I will prepare the row for composting. This involves first storing up kitchen scraps like fruit and vegetable parts and keeping them in a plastic bag in the freezer. At the end of the week, I’ll take what I have to the garden to be composted. I’ll dig a trench down the row where my strawberry plants were and then place them all inside the trench. Add some grass clippings and move the soil back over the top.
Since done at the end of the season – they will have 6 months or more to break down before I replant in the coming spring. Video above shows the process and also how I built composting bins using free pallets.


Build Compost Bins Using Free Pallets

Make Compost Bins Using Pallets

I went to Tractor Supply Company and asked the manager if they had any pallets I could have to do a garden project. They asked me how many I needed and not wanting to ask for too many I said only 4. At the time I was thinking I’d make a single composting bin but later realized that a 3 bin composting setup would be better. Now with 4 pallets from TSC – I needed to get some more. So I called HEB and spoke to a manager. This ended up being even easier as they were willing to give me some pallets and even offered to leave them on the loading dock for me to just drive over and pick up!

I already had some leftover 16 gauge wire along with some extra exterior wood screws and now with my free pallets I was ready to build a simple 3 section composting bin.