Texas Heat Wave Summer Garden Tour

Summer Garden Tour in the 111-degree heat wave

The weather has made a particularly difficult time for my garden this summer. We had a record temperature of 111 degrees and several weeks before and after of triple digit heat here in Texas. See the video above for a tour of my garden and a quick look at blackberry pests and watermelons eaten by animals.

Garden Propagation Strawberries

Strawberry Propagation – Propagate Easily with Runners

Strawberry Plants Free and Easy with Propagation by Runners

Easy way to get more strawberry plants and free is by using runners. I have tried planting strawberry seeds and it takes much longer than you may want to wait. I’ve found the easiest way is to get some bare root strawberry plants and then when they send out runners – you can propagate them directly into small containers. Simple and fast!

Bird Netting Strawberries

Install Bird Netting With Cattle Panel Frames

My strawberry garden has started to produce strawberries and the birds have found them. Time to install bird netting. I looked at several options including pvc to make hoops and other options but I settled on using a cattle panel. I’ve used cattle panels to make an arch trellis for my watermelons and cantaloupes in the past and it has worked well. Video of the process I used to make an arch with the cattle panel and secure bird netting over it is below. It has worked well so far to keep the birds out!

Install Bird Netting with Cattel Panel Frames
Raised Garden Bed Strawberries

Strawberries Part 3 – Planting in Raised Garden Bed

Strawberries Part 3 – Planting in a Raised Garden Bed
Raised Garden Bed Strawberries

Strawberries Part 2 – Build Raised Garden Bed

Strawberries Part 2 – Building a Raised Garden Bed with Cedar Pickets

Strawberries Part 1 – Bare Roots to Pots

Strawberries Part 1 – Bare Roots to Pots